Friday, January 25, 2013

Lake Buena Vista Hub Page


This hub page at the web blog "Passport to Dreams Old & New" gathers up all of this site's published content covering the topic of the Disney-designed town of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, including the Walt Disney World Village.

It was last updated on March 1, 2021.

The Weird History of Ports O' Call - December 2020 - the amazingly bizarre story of one mall in San Pedro, CA, that was pretty brazenly knocked off to build Lake Buena Vista.

Disney Springs and Invented Florida - June 2016 - history and irony in Disney's new shopping complex.

Lake Buena Vista and Shaping Orlando - June 2016 - complete capsule history of Disney's abandoned planned community.

Walt Disney World in Late 1978: Part Two - September 2014 - Gorgeous amateur photos of the Village.

Cap'n Jack Casts Off - August 2013 - history and overview of Lake Buena Vista's oyster bar, from its early beginnings to decline in the 90s and eventual closure in 2013, the final component of the original Shopping Village to be abandoned.

Lake Buena Vista's Lost Crescent City - July 2012 - Chronicle of a truly inspired Village expansion that was cancelled in the wake of the expense of EPCOT Center.

Other Kingdoms to Conquer - November 2011 - Remember when Disney actually advertised other things to do in Florida? You probably don't remember the bus services to Sea World and Cypress Gardens either, then.

Snapshot: Frap-Off at the Village - August 2011 - Profile of a true Walt Disney World history obscurity, the weekend a "new craze" called Frapping overtook the Village.

Palate Cleanser - April 2011 - Includes some unusual photos of the Village.

The Host Community - July 2010 - a few print advertisements for Lake Buena Vista's "Motor Inn Plaza" hotels in the early 70s.

Snapshot: Great Southern Craft Company - April 2010 - Profile of one of the Village's most distinctive shops, including when it moved and what later became of the space.

See the Village. Tonight. - September 2009 - A "Virtual Tour" of the Village as it existed in the 1970s with many rare photos. Part One and Part Two.

Iconography - March 2009 - Overview of the design complexities of the original core group of Walt Disney World icon logos, including the Walt Disney World Village logo used between 1977 and 1989.

The Walt Disney World Village List - February 2009 - An exhaustive list detailing every shop that existed at the Village and its location from 1975 to 2009.