Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buena Vista Obscura Hub Page


This hub page at the web blog "Passport to Dreams Old & New" gathers up many of this site's published writing on the subject of extremely obscure Walt Disney World history. This label was created for use on the now-deleted Disney blog 2719 Hyperion, and shortly branched out to this blog as well. Everything on this page constitutes, for me, the "premium" historical content I've written.

It was last updated on June 30, 2018.

Marc Davis' Adventure House - June 2018 - extensive overview of an unbuilt attraction intended for Fort Wilderness, a sort of walk-through Haunted Mansion.

Chasing Captain Cook - March 2014 - Just where was Captain Cook's Hideaway? And what happened to Saltwater Express?

Snapshot: The Plaza Ice Cream Boat Shuffle - March 2013 - Disney: A-Z informs us that the Plaza Swan Boats opened on May 20, 1973. The problem is, that's not really true.

Lake Buena Vista's Lost Crescent City - July 2012 - discover the New Orleans Square that Walt Disney World almost had.

Johnny's Corner - January 2012 - A truly obscure piece of Walt Disney World history, at Johnny's Corner a man can cuss loud, peel eggs, play pin ball, argue about the Union, eat sardines out of the can and hand wrestle by the gas pumps.

Return to the Golf Resort - January 2012 - Extended version of the "Buena Vista Obscura" post linked below. New photos and expanded information.

Snapshot: Frap-Off at the Village - August 2011 - One of the most puzzling and obscure Walt Disney World events, based on the "national craze" of Frapping.

Snapshot: Marines Capture Coke Corner - July 2011 - Remember when the missiles launched on Sea World? An early example of Cast Member humor.

The World Cruise - February 2011 - Extensive history of one of Walt Disney World's most puzzling early "attractions".

Snapshot: Mysteries of the Second Floor - January 2011 - Ghosts of the past haunt an obscure corner of the Contemporary Resort.

Snapshot: Olde World Antiques - August 2010 - Revisit the dim, varnished interior of the Magic Kingdom's real antique shop.

Captain Cook's Hideaway (plus followup) - June 2010 - Revisit the dark den of tropical drinks and folk music which once haunted the Polynesian Village.

The Lake Buena Vista Story - April 2010 - Extensive article covering the plans, development, re-development, and ultimate fate of one of Disney's most ambitious ideas and the true predecessor to EPCOT Center: the town of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.

Snapshot: Great Southern Craft Company - April 2010 - Profile of one of the Village's most distinctive shops, including when it moved and what later became of the space.

The Golf Resort - March 2009 - Do you remember the first and only Disney hotel themed to... golf?