Friday, January 08, 2016

Walt Disney World History Hub

Welcome! This is a Hub Page on the blog Passport to Dreams Old & New compiling our extensive Walt Disney World historical articles, photos, essays, videos and more into an easy to navigate, alphabetical index, organized by subject.

The Magic Kingdom
Adventureland Shops - Traders of Timbuktu, Magic Carpet, Oriental Imports, Elephant Tales
Caribbean Plaza Shops - House of Treasure, Princessa de Cristal, Golden Galleon
Columbia Harbour House - history & extensive documentation video
Country Bear Jamboree: Part One - the style and background of the show
Country Bear Jamboree: Part Two - the songs of the show
Country Bear Jamboree: Part Three - three deleted songs
Echoes From October 1971 - opening month vintage slides
The Hall of Presidents - the art of the show
Haunted Mansion: Start to Shriek - pop up ghouls and vintage dark rides
Haunted Mansion: Raising or Lowering the Dead - designing the ride facade
Jungle Cruise: The Early Years - extensive photos and history
Jungle Cruise: Behind the Scenes - building the ride
Jungle Cruise: Three Mysteries - was the upstairs ever used?
Jungle Cruise: Year of the Frog - some elusive amphibians
Liberty Square Market - traces of an unbuilt snack stand
Magic Kingdom Maps 1971 - 1981 - scans of park maps
Magic Kingdom in 1972 - vintage vacation slides
Moonlight Cruise - history and photos
Olde World Antiques - history and photos
The Orange Bird - on his 2011 revival
Plaza Swan Boats - history and photos
The Plaza Restaurant - history and photos
Shakedown at the Magic Kingdom - Disney's food panic of the early years
Snow White's Adventures - extensive history and photos of 1971 version
Stitch's Great Escape - the show's controversy and legacy
Tom Sawyer Island: A Long Look - atmospheric video, appreciation and history
Walt Disney World in Late 1978: Part One - Magic Kingdom vintage slides
Western River Expedition: Part One - locating the building, facade & exterior attractions
Western River Expedition: Part Two - Marc Davis' famous interior boat ride
Western River Expedition: Part Three - Marc Davis' artistic intentions & the ride's legacy
The World Cruise - history and photos

The Vacation Kingdom
Adventure House - unbuilt Marc Davis attraction intended for Ft. Wilderness
Contemporary Resort 1971-1981 - maps, photos, and more
Contemporary Resort 1981-1995 - maps, photos
The Golf Resort - history and photos
The Golf Resort Golf Studio - a vintage recording
The Golf Resort Magnolia Course - vintage VHS "guide"
Institutions/Volume Feeding Part One - 1972 behind the scenes article
Institutions/Volume Feeding Part Two - company philosophy
Institutions/Volume Feeding Part Three - feeding the masses
Institutions/Volume Feeding Part Four - profits and planning
Johnny's Corner - Orlando before Disney
People I've Met in the Past: Part One - goofy vintage photos
People I've Met in the Past: Part Two - more goofy vintage photos
Polynesian Village: Seven Seas Drink - how to make a vintage 70s drink
Polynesian Village: Chasing Captain Cook - history of an early bar
Polynesian Village: Sunrise - atmospheric video
Seven Seas Lagoon Sidewheel Steamboats

Lake Buena Vista
The Weird History of Ports O' Call - the mall that the WDW Village was inspired by
Lake Buena Vista and Shaping Orlando - historical overview and analysis
Lake Buena Vista 1971-2005 - complete capsule history
Captain Jack's Oyster Bar - history and photos
Frap-Off At the Village - a "craze" comes to the Village
Great Southern Craft Company - photos and history
Lake Buena Vista New Orleans Square - cancelled early 80s expansion
Motor Plaza Hotels - some photos
Other Kingdoms - Sea World, vintage local Orlando advertising
See the Village: Part One - vintage photo tour
See the Village: Part Two - more vintage views
Virgin Megastore - photos and a eulogy
Walt Disney World in Late 1978: Part Two - WDW Village vintage slides
Walt Disney World Village List - where everything was

EPCOT Center Area
Dancing Hippo & Sorcerer's Apprentice - strange abandoned picnic pavilions near Epcot
FountainView Bakery - atmospheric video
Ideology of Future World: Part One - in-depth discussion of the meaning of this area
Ideology of Future World: Part Two - how can Future World be restored?