Monday, November 06, 2006

Jungle Cruise Florida: Behind the Scenes

Taking a bit of a breather here in preparation of posting some big articles, so in the interim, here's some images related to the building of the Florida Jungle Cruise. There are several images of the building of the California version and one of the Florida version which are pretty commonly circulated, so here are some more obscure items for your persual. (Click for larger in most cases)
Taken during a mid-70's refurbishment to the Jungle, this shows how deep the hippo pool actually is, as well as the concrete trough that guides the Orlando boats. Below, a 1971 Pana-Vue slide showing the original end of the dock and a skipper riding a boat into the jungle, for reasons unknown. The Orlando queue was expanded in 1973 to include that whole stretch of riverbank on the right with the expansion of Pirates, losing some of the charm of appearing to cruise on into the jungle. Notice the original 1971 set dressing. I have an even older photo, from construction, showing that the Orlando queue originally had some steps up to the upper (forced perspective) boathouse level where I guess the foreman's office was. Also notice the artifical vine canopy, visible as the darkened area to the right.

I can't seem to locate a copy of the America Sings LP with the book of Marc Davis art at the front. Can anybody with it on hand scan me a copy of the pages in decent resolution, say 600 dpi? I'd be most grateful if there's any poor soul out there willing to help me out!