Sunday, February 13, 2011

Written by Us!

Last year, I was approached by Chad Emerson, whose book "Project Future" had recently been published, to write for an compendium of Walt Disney World essays to celebrate the resort's 40th anniversary. Naturally I accepted and am pleased to announce that the book is actually available, for reals, in print, to hold and to cherish!

For those of you looking to complete your (tentative) FoxxFur library, this is my first published material.

The lineup of authors contributing the twenty-eight essays is pretty impressive. On one hand you have fanpress authors like me, George Taylor, Michael Crawford, Sam Gennaway and Jeff Pepper, but there's also contributions by much larger Disney personalities like Lou Mongello and Kevin Yee. It's also safe to assume that this is your only option for reading essays by myself and Mike Lee printed together with an introduction by Jim Hill. The world moves in mysterious ways.

As for my own essays, I've included a revised (and hopefully improved) version of my urban legend mystery story Goodnight George, first published over at 2719 Hyperion. I've also written a totally new account of the Walt Disney World Village with improved coverage of the Empress Lilly and an all-around effort to be more concise and accessible. That the Village article is still somewhat incomplete means either I need to find a new obsession or maybe I just ran out of space.

Anyway the whole thing is now available online at Amazon.Com and you can also get it for your virtual reader Kindle thingie instantly. Or, you can visit the website of Ayefour Publishing for more details!

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not received monetary compensation for my contributions to this book and am publishing this article strictly as a voluntary announcement for readers of my blog.)


HBG2 said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you. Gee, it seems like only yesterday you were just an over-caffeinated, 17-year-old Mansion fanatic. And now lookatcha.

FoxxFur said...

*sniff* I grew up so fast! :D

David said...

Just purchased on my Kindle thingy! Congratulations. A well-deserved inclusion by a talented and passionate writer.

Grif said...

Sweet! I was thinking of buying this already, before I realized you wrote for it!

Jenny Woolf said...

Hey did I miss something, I want to follow this blog and can't find a follower list.

Brad Sager said...

I just bought this book last week. I'm really looking forward to reading it. I'm huge fans of Jim Korkis, Tom Coreless, and of course Lou Mongello!

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