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Theme Park Music Hub Page


This hub page at the web blog "Passport to Dreams Old & New" gathers up all of this site's published content covering the topic of music heard and played in the Disney Theme Parks. The specific focus and specialty of this site is vintage, pre-millenium music of Magic Kingdom.

It was last updated on March 1, 2021.

If you are interested in the old-time music of the Vacation Kingdom, a great place to start is this own site's Another Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World, which compiles hours of retro park music into an entire "day" trip to the Walt Disney World of old.

A Social History of Background Music
A Brief Introduction to Early Walt Disney World Music

Magic Kingdom Area Music
Transportation & Ticket Center (1972 - 1991)
Main Entrance (1972 - 1991)
Main Street USA (1971 - 1976)
Main Street USA (1976 - 1991) (Morning)
Main Street USA (1976 - 1991) (Evening)
Adventureland Bridge (1972 - ????)
The Adventureland Veranda (1971 - 1977)
The Adventureland Veranda (1977 - 1994)
The Jungle Cruise / AWOL Airwaves (1991 - Present) 
Sunshine Pavilion / Tropical Serenade (1971 - 1998)
Tiki Room: Under New Management Exterior (1998 - 2011)
Tiki Room: Under New Management Garden (1998 - 2011)
Caribbean Plaza (1973 - 1993)
Caribbean Plaza (1993 - 2006)
Liberty Square (1971 - 1980)
Liberty Square (1980 - Present)
Liberty Square (2010 - 2017)
Cinderella Castle Area (1971 - ????)
Skyway and Pinocchio Street (1974 - 1991)
Skyway and Pinocchio Street (1991 - Present)
Tomorrowland Concourse (1972 - 1983)
WEDway Peoplemover (1975 - 1993)
Tomorrowland Concourse (1983 - 1990)
Tomorrowland Concourse (1990 - 1993) (1994 - 2003)

Disneyland Area Music
Main Entrance (1972 - 1991)
The Matterhorn Bobsleds (1978 - 2009)
Skyway and Village Haus (1983 - Present)

Specific Case Studies
Dead Media from Tokyo Disneyland - a look at the park's 1984 Deluxe Gatefold LP soundtrack. November 2019.

The Secret Recording Career of George Bruns - three lost LPs released by Bruns during his career but outside of Disney, including restored presentations of Moonlight Time In Old Hawaii and Have A Good Time With Big George Bruns. May 2018.

The Mysterious "Bridge" Loops - quick overview of some very obscure pieces of music which once played between areas at Magic Kingdom. October 2017.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Two Soundtracks - full attraction sound mixes for the original attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. June 2017.

The Music of Country Bear Jamboree: Part One - definition of the show's genre, who recorded the music, and the first part of the show. May 2013.

The Music of Country Bear Jamboree: Part Two - the second half of the show, and a personal reflection on its appeal. May 2013.

The Music of Country Bear Jamboree: Part Three - two deleted songs. June 2013.

Other Disney Park BGM Resources:
Walt Disney World Resort Music Compendium
Disneyland Resort Music Compendium - Michael Sweeney has helped out with a great deal of the playlists on this site, and he's put online dozens of carefully curated, extremely accurate playlists of music heard inside the parks.

MouseBits - Features a lively discussion community with numerous playlists, and a torrent seeding resource for a great number of of the commonly circulated pieces of Disney music.

Magic Music - Another discussion forum, this one featuring yet more playlists with a focus on current music and many impressive compilations by site owner Jay.

Tokyo Disneyland BGM Lists - Star Orion has migrated their Wikia site to this slickly designed page, which is easy to navigate even if one does not read Japanese.

Disney Chris Audio - Chris Lyndon spends an enormous amount of time polishing and perfecting the tracks in his Disneyland Tour, which is so extensive I can't think of something he doesn't have available for listening on his site by now.


J. McMahan said...
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weepstah said...


I know this may be an impossible question, but your successful research into the MK loops makes me wonder if you've looked into the background music playing at the Polynesian Village circa late 70's/early 80's. In short, do you know of any playlists for the music they used during this era? I actually have recordings of a few songs that were playing in May of 1983 and July (gotta doublecheck) of 1984 - since I was the one recording them at the time. It would be so sweet to be able to pull together a loop of that music - they even played it underwater at the volcano pool...

FoxxFur said...


Actually, you're the first I've come across who has anything relating to that music. I was prepared to make some *good guesses*, but if you could find those recordings, that would be fantastic. In the past few months I have obtained about a dozen tracks used at the Contemporary from 1971 to about 1985, so if Polynesian's music changed around the same time as Contemporary, what you have could be the 1971 tracks. From there it would be possible to at least move towards figuring out what the music was and how long it lasted. Let me know. :)

weepstah said...


I actually have already extracted the recordings to flac and mp3. That May 1983 trip has long been a favorite memory even though it's wonderfully uncomfortable hearing myself :D . Do you have a preference for a place to pull the files from? I'm flexible on the file sharing tool - I haven't done much so whatever one(s) you like to work with are good with me.

FoxxFur said...

Superb! I generally use MediaFire, although honestly anything is great! Thank you so much for contacting me about this!!

Dusty Rhoades said...

Hello and thank you for all of the great information. I was wondering if you knew anything about the main entrance loop from Walt Disney World. There is a loop floating around that claims to be from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World which is supposedly from 1971-1992 but includes tracks from the Walt Disney World Band albums which weren't even released until 1972. Just wondering if you knew anything about that loop. Thanks!

FoxxFur said...


DL and WDW used similar loops at their entrance. The original loop was about 40 minutes long and included Disney music, tracks from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Pop! Goes the Weasel. The original loop was around 40 minutes long, then in the late 70s it was expanded out to roughly an hour. There are minor differences between the two.

The loop is most certainly not from 1971, however. I would date it as 1972 or 1973. A lot of people just put "1971" on playlists when they don't know how old they are. It took a few years to get music playing in the different areas of the park, especially at Disneyland as a lot of the general walkways were not really designed to have music playing. I'm pretty sure that all of the WDW hotels didn't get music in their first year of operation, for example. And that's how a 1971 loop can have 1972 tracks in it. ;)

scott said...

Aloha! I know this is an old post, but I'm fascinated to hear the 1983 or 84 Polynesian Village Music referenced above! Did you ever hear it, Foxxy? Any chance you could share?

FoxxFur said...

Hey Scott;

All I have are five selections which were recorded in passing in the 80s, probably of the original area loop. I've included all of them in the "Vacation Kingdom" track of Another Musical Souvenir (, but here they are on account:

"Hawaiian Memories" by The Living Strings album Hawaiian Memories

"Blue Hawaii" by Al Caiola album "Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian"

"Stars Over Maui" by 101 Strings album In A Hawaiian Paradise

"Tune From Rangoon" by Martin Denny album Quiet Village

"Pretty Maui Girl" by Diamond Head Beachcombers album Hawaii
or Music Inspired by the motion picture Diamond Head

Thanks to Michael Sweeney, dolbyman on, and John Charles Watson on

scott said...

Thank you! I actually have all of those songs---it's a bummer we don't know more. Nice to know that it's at least commercially available music.

Appreciate it!

MadDog1971 said...

Trying to find obscure theme song for "Grunykinland" attraction at short lived Oregon amusement park "Pixieland" (tune written by George Bruns in mid 1960s)