Monday, January 25, 2010

One If By Land, Two If By Sea ~ Now it's 1973!

You all are looking forward to a lot of reading, right? That's good, because I've got a lot of writing that's currently in "test and adjust". Yes, that's a lot of writing by *my* standards... I may not be prolific, but when I write something, I write it up BIG. :)

But never mind that. Let's peek into the Columbia Harbour House! Yaay!

It's 1973 and everybody is enjoying their fish, chips, and "fried specialties". This restaurant wasn't ready for opening day or even opening year, bowing in early 1972, and was to be called The Nantucket Harbour House at first. Harbour House-o-philes know immediately that this is the second floor seating area right near the bay that looks down into the main service kitchen, so I don't need to tell you that. Let's check in on what Disney says about this place:

"The Columbia Harbour House, specializing in seafood dishes, is filled with the atmosphere of an 18th-century seaport meeting place, where whalers fresh from long months at sea ate hot food with gusto and downed mugs of steaming tea."
- Walt Disney World Vacationland, Spring 1974

...Really? Steaming, hot tea? Did somebody make a typo? Isn't this a little risque for Disney? Did Roy O. okay this? Yikes.