Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meet Me at the Columbia Harbour House

Because you wanted it, and because Mike Lee of Widen Your World graciously provided it, here's an interior layout of the beloved Columbia Harbour House complete with the original room names! I've been told that there were once small signs naming each room, which is possible, but I sure don't remember it.

What is included on this map which is of note, however, is the second floor kitchen which still exists, but has been walled in. Also, note that the divider between the Foyer and the Chesapeake Bay room was removed earlier this year to expand waiting space. Although it was a bottleneck, it was a charming bottleneck, and now it feels less like you're entering a real inn and more like you're inside a food court. Oh well.

Click to expand. Image is (c) me 2007. Please do not redistribute.


Lou Mongello - said...

Great post and map!! Thank your for this (as someone who was wandering around the Liberty Tree Tavern last week while my family ate, trying to determine the names of the rooms inside). Keep up the great work!!

FoxxFur said...

The Liberty Tree room names are much more straightforward - I'll refresh my memory of it and post them here in a few days. It's literally like "Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, Ben Franklin, George & Martha Washington", etc. The secluded area in the center of the restaurant is called "Downtown" and there's a pretty much unthemed area called something like "Side Windows".

Lou Mongello - said...

Yeah, my family ate in the Betsy Ross room while I walked around getting stares from people wondering what the heck I was doing, and why I was staring around the room. ;_

Unknown said...

Poor Lou's family. They go on vacation and he takes pictures of crates (yes, I am jealous).

Foxx--you've convinced me to tour this restaurant during MouseFest. I've never been in CHH before. Any chance of getting a personal tour?

Princess Fee said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this posting! I used to work in the CHH and so the restaurant is very dear to my heart - and it's one of the most charming restaurants on property - maybe I am biased...But thank you again for this!!