Friday, May 18, 2007

Park Mysteries, #2

So here's a quick new one. Pictured below you will see two windows located to the right of the exit of Pirates Bazaar gift shop, attatched to the end of what was once the Caverna de los Piratas arcade, later Lafitte's Portrait Deck. But you know what it looks like to me? A quick service location, possibly drinks or Ice Cream.

Call me crazy, but I've poured over every Magic Kingdom guide published between 1973 and the opening of EPCOT and I've never found an entry for a quick service stand located here. I did learn that the dining rooms of what is now El Pirata Y El Perico housed The Golden Galleon and La Princessa de Cristal - which I'd love to see photos of sometime if anybody ever digs any up - which was then, I assume, absorbed into El Pirata at the same time Pecos Bill expanded in 1998 and destroyed much of the character of the surrounding establishments. But no juice bar. My 1980 guide lists the Veranda, its' attatched Dole Whip stand, Sunshine Tree Terrace, El Pirata and The Oasis, which is exciting until one realizes that that was next to the exit of The Jungle Cruise (and still is).

One theory is that the windows could've been added later (although they're made of the same material as other windows in Caribbean Plaza), when the photo shop existed, and could've feasibly served as pickup locations for photos once they were processed. Or maybe they were just nice windows which just so happened to have been designed with a ledge for transactions and a capacity-concious twin. I still think it was an Ice Cream window.

One thing which supports that they could've been added later: there is only one lantern hanging above the two windows and you know very well that Disney would've had two lanterns had it been intended to be a walk-up service counter area. There isn't even a covered up outlet for a second lantern.

Anybody have any ideas?