Friday, August 28, 2009

EPCOT is Pretty!

So here's something new to this blog.

In something like the spirit of my photospread of the Polynesian from a while back, I'm offering something unusual (for me) today: a video. It's a five minute little piece which was actually shot by myself and my boyfriend as a test of the capabilities of our new HD camera. It's long on atmosphere and short on content, but I hope you all will enjoy it as some filler, until the next amazing post here at Passport to Dreams. :)

For best results view in full frame and let it all load first... the HD-ness of it often causes jitter or flicker in some connections which is not in the source file itself. Enjoy!


If there's enough of a response to this, I may look into starting to make available online a lot of other material like this, so let's hear what you think, viewing public!


[ this is jerry ] said...

Loved it!!

SamLand said...

Excellent. Please keep them coming.

Chris W. said...

I loved it as well, and I giggled silently to myself when the music suddenly became muffled while watching the steak-master work his mojo in his glass room.

Citizen Carroll said...

Please post more of these, it was fantastic!!!

Matt Hunter Ross said...

excellent! more, more more!

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

That was a great way to start my day. We have to skip WDW this year for the first time in 6 years (we're going to the big island of Hawaii this year), so I find myself seeking WDW pictures and video where ever I can. This was awesome.

We ate at Beaches n Cream and explored the Yacht and Beach clubs quite a lot last year, so there was that "Hey! I've been there." factor.

And something about the International Gateway . . . . I can't put my finger on it, but I find it so comforting. It's one of those places in WDW where I tend to really FEEL that I'm on vacation - odd because it's not even inside a park.

More! More! and thank you.

George Taylor said...

Great video!

The hi-def was so sharp and clear.

No interstitials, though? :)

MrsToad71 said...

This was great- I would love to see more of these!

Shawn said...

Absolutely amazing! I don't get to visit Orlando often, and EPCOT is my favorite place in the world

I would love to see mroe great HD videos, even just a 5 minute loop of one little spot would be amazing

My favorite part is the backwards-walking guests at 2:58! hehe

I loved it anyways!

jan.dv said...

This was delightful. Good edits! I love Epcot--please post more!

Mike said...

Good video, especially since I stayed at the Yacht Club at the end of May for my last vacation.

However, I did catch you pulling a shennannigan (sp?) around 3:00 where the people are all walking backwards on the bridge ;)

SeaCastle said...

The Beach Club is my favorite resort, hands-down, and the International Gateway area is among the most beautiful areas in all of Walt Disney World. Excellent job!