Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wither Content?

Don't worry, more fun stuff is coming soon as soon as I'm able to get back out to Magic Kingdom and take some pictures. In the meantime, however, you may enjoy some of my more recent adventures in writing off-blog.

I've started posting at 2719 Hyperion, probably the most recognized and visited Disney blog. I've started off with some good old fashioned muckraking before moving on to silliness from the 1970's... pretty much the two things you find here at Passport, right?

I'd like to take this opportunity to state that the reason for this is not to neglect Passport in the future... the idea is that Hyperion will be a good place for me to post ranting about current Disney events and some more minor silliness, which will keep articles like this and this off Passport and leave this blog more open to serious, longer pieces specifically about design. It will be good for it. And no, I'm not gonna be constantly cross-linking my stuff from blog to blog... it's not content and I respect you too much to do it.

I've also been posting a bit on the wiki-format FromageHomage, and my bit on Liberty Square has begun to reach epic length. I'm still only half done with it and the formatting is a bit rough (soon I'll be putting my own photography up there too), but there's a lot of very specific information here that I don't think has been complied all in one place at one time before. Give her a look! And contribute to the site!


Ben Ohmart said...

Hi. Sorry for leaving this request in the comment form, but I wasn't sure how to email it. I don't know if you know my Paul Frees book which came out 5 years ago, but I'm now working on a 2nd edition, since I have a lot more information on 2 of his missing wives (including some wonderful letters he and his first wife wrote to each other during WWII!), and I'd love it if you could post on your blog that I'm seeking people (Disney or not) who worked with/knew him to interview for the book. I'm sure I missed some people the first time around. Thanks much!

FoxxFur said...

You should check with Didier Ghez ( and George Taylor ( as the specialty of their blogs is Disney publishing and would likely be a better fit for your objective than this one. =)